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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 26, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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breaking news stories. first a two-alarm fire at the
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stanford lab in menlo park. >> a transformer fire is burning above ground at the pho celt which runs under interstate 280 at sand hill road. a menlo park fire spokesman says crews do have a handle a on the swages. in fact, some lab workers have been called back to the lab to assess damage. >> it is part of the u.s. department of energy national laboratory. it is about two miles long. the longest in the world has been operational since 1966. >> and we will follow this story and bring you any new information we get during this newscast. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and amai'm ama dates. other breaking news, police say they arrested a man behind a series of arsons that terrorized san francisco for weeks. >> the arrest happening a short time ago. earlier this week police released these pictures of the alleged arson nest. many of the fires he is suspected of setting occurred at construction sites in san
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francisco south of market district over the past several weeks. >> police are not releasing information on the identity of the suspect arrested only that an arrest has been made. more details will be available tomorrow. we will continue to follow this story on air and on-line. our breaking news coverage continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. wait until you see how brazen a mail thief was in san francisco. the man got away with a major haul after breaking into mailboxes in a pacific heights apartment building. cornell bernard joins us live with the story. cornell? >> ama, tenants living in this building on edge after a man broke into the lobby and stole all of their mail and packages. take a look at the suspect. clearly caught on tape. this man in this surveillance video is not delivering the mail. he is stealing it. it happened at this apartment building where 15 security cameras keep watch. the well-dressed suspect is first spotted outside. he appears to take something
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from his wallet to gain entry. >> he was good looking, dressed well. >> kind of fit in? >> yes. >> reporter: once inside the man is seen calmly using a crowbar to open the steel mailbox case piling mail from all 26 tenants into a bag and makes a second trip to get the packages. watch as he spots the camera and doesn't seem to care. >> even when he saw the camera, it is like, whatever. >> a total of 12 minutes. no one saw a thing. tennants fear their personal information was stolen. >> i do have personal mail coming in. i am concerned. it could be a credit card or credit card statement. >> police and postal inspectors are looking into the brazen theft. they fear this man could be back for another haul. cornell bernard, abc7 news. new at 11:00, the bomb squad responded to a call of a possible explosive device in san francisco's richmond
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district. neighbors were evacuated at a stretch of the street and it was closed. the people who live in the home discovered what appeared to be a pipe bomb in the garage. experts checked it out and it was only a pipe and no bomb. in the midst of a drought, every drop of water is really important. why was water leaking? and leaking and leaking and leaking in plain view for nearly a week in san jose. alan wang is live in the willow glen neighborhood where they finally fixed the leak after you started asking questions. >> you can see behind me where they patched it up on the street there. i can't say for certain whether we played a role or not, but i can say shortly after we called they had a crew out here fixing it within two hours. the water company says on a grand scale this was a low priority call. you can imagine the shock of the neighbors when they allowed it it to leak for six days during a drought. water has been bubbling out
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from under this willow glen neighborhood street and brian johnston said he reported the problem in front of his house last friday. >> this is a lot of water wasted. i just can't imagine this being a low priority. >> johnston filled up this five gallon bucket with almost 30,000 gallons a day. >> 30,000 gallons is i thinka tf drought it is probably appropriate in view of the safety concerns. >> the san jose water company says by law it has to give other utility companies two business days to mark their lines before a crew can safely beging here. digging here. shoy after we called them about it, this crew rolled in to next the leak at 6:00 p.m. >> i would rate the response time as excellent. >> the neighbors estimate a loss of more than 172,000 gallons of water over six days. >> it doesn't bother me that
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we are trying to take shorter showers and save every drop. what bothers me is that they are not doing their part to also conserve the water. >> the water company says the average utility loses 20% of 20f its water supply to leaks in fire protection each year while the san jose water company averages only a 7%. in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> look at this massive water leak. a prius slammed into a fire hydrant resulting in this guiser that spewed water 30 feet in the air. it happened about 6:00 tonight. the broken high drapt soaked the -- hydrant soaked the street. big sports news. time lincecum made history throwing his second no hitter in less than a year. >> it looks as though he has done it again.
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>> timmy is also the first pitcher in more than a hundred years to pitch two no-no's against the same team, the san diego padres. timmy shutdown the weakest hitting club in the majors striking out six and walking one. matt cain who has a perfect game under his belt helped him celebrate with a power-ade bath. the fans could not believe they were watching history being made. >> awesome. what a great day. we had no idea he was going to throw the no hitter. then it was pretty exciting. >> my first no-no. i am glad it happened to timmy. >> timmy got a no-no. >> yes, he did. thousands of fans filed out of the park continuing to celebrate as they witnessed history. >> and that is not an exaggeration. rare and historic. this picture was tweeted by the giants. it shows the gameball and lincecum's hat will be sent to the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, new york. >> colin rush will have
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complete highlights in sports and we will hear from timmy as well. the a's reached an agreement to stay in oakland. it is not quite a done deal. owner lou wolf said they agreed on a 10-yearlies extension with the county coliseum authority. but it has to be approved. gene quan says they want the team to stay in oakland. in a statement quan said we are still negotiating, so we are surprised by the announcement of an agreement. we plan to meet tomorrow. berkeley police are putting extra paw papa trolls on the street after a woman was attacked over the weekend. the woman was walking on on telegraph avenue when she was attacked by -- from behind. they say a man knocked her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. the suspect was described as a mixed race man in his 30s, six feet tall, muscular to heavy build with short hair. two people face charges in connection with what fbi agents say is one of the best known prostitution sites on the internet. abc7 news was the first to break the story on twitter.
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federal agents raided this mountain view home owned by 53-year-old eric nomoro. they are accused of running my red it has since been shutdown. ais picture was taken by a neighbor during a party. he is a private man who never raised suspicions. >> the eric i know, i just can't believe he would be involved with something leak that. with something like that. >> they appeared in federal court to face charges of using the mail a and the internet to facilitate prostitution. medical mind control. next, the miracle medical breakthrough that allows this paralyzed man to move his hands again. >> and same name, same route. this pilot's plan to finish a historic flight that began more than 75 years ago. >> and how team usa is making sure you can watch tomorrow's world cup match. gist am meteorologist sandhya patel. hard to see from the
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emeryville camera. we are looking at fog for the morning commute and drizzle creating the slick roadways. when you will feel the heat around here. >> here is some of the magic waiting for you after the news. >> the ugliest dog in the world, peanut.>> >> ♪ are you so beautiful
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breakthrough means new hope for people with spinal cord injuries. a tiny chip is allowing a quadriplegic man to move his hand simply by the power of thought. he is the first person ever to
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do this. this is video from the ohio state university western medical center where researchers planted the chip into the man's brain. that chip sends brain signals to a sleeve bypassing the damaged spinal cord. it is still in the testing phase. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area trying to pump up sales for her new book. she talked about her memoir "hard choices." she touched on many of the big issues including iraq and benghazi. again she evaded giving an answer about running for president. she wants to make sure it is the right choice and for the right reason. >> you can sit down and make all kinds of lists of pros and cons, but it is such a huge commitment and having done it before and having obviously watched my husband do it, i know what it takes to not just run, as hard as that is, but what you are running for.
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>> clinton avoided making comments about personal wealth. clinton has been criticized for being out of touch after telling abc news anchor diane sawyer that she and former president bill clinton left the white house dead broke. tomorrow a woman will try to finish a flight started by amilia earhardt 75 years ago. amilia rose earhardt was named efter the famed pilot who woly around the world. the modern earhardt a is trying to recreate the flight. even though they are not related, earhardt always felt a kinship. >> amilia left a legacy. we think about her disappearance. people still research her and tom about her in all facets. i hope the legacy i can leave, you know, is the adventure continues. >> the trip around the world is expected to last two and a half weeks. earhardt runs the fly with amilia foundation that encourages girls to become
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pilots. the big lead up to the annual aidswalk san francisco is off and running. 7 on your side's michael finney was at the kickoff event. it will be july 20th in golden gate park and abc7 is a proud sponsor. 6,000 people were part of the first aidswalk in 1987. it has now grown to 25,000, and all of the funds go to research and supporting people living with hiv, aids and hepatitis-c. >> people still need help and medical care and to pay their rent and to see the doctor. they need to get their bills paid. we hope to be close to a cure some day, but we are not there yet. we have accomplished a lot, but we have a ways to go. >> they hope to raise $2.6 million this year. the san francisco aidswalk is less than a month away. call the number on your screen, 415-615-9255. we also have a link to the aidswalk website at start coming up with your
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excuses now as to why you are going to be late for work tomorrow morning, or maybe not showing up at all. time usa in world cup action facing germany. a huge match, 9:00 a.m. on our sister network, espn. the ghana portugal game on espn2 at the same time. then at 1:00 you can catch south cory expwraw belgium on espn and algeria and russia on the deuce. we love seeing your world cup photos. brazil's fan base in loss altos is very strong thanks to these four brothers. be sure to show us your fan photos and e-mail them to us at you report at you can up load pictures to the news app or at report. >> i have a feeling it will be good soccer watching weather. >> maybe not soccer playing. there is a strong likelihood of rain and sandhya patel is here with more on the forecast. >> yeah, larry and ama, it looks like rain for that area. let's look at the satellite picture. we are watching brazil very carefully here.
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i want to show you what they are expecting when usa takes on germany at 9:00 a.m. our time. the wind will be out of the east at 12 miles an hour tomorrow morning. watch the temperature. it will be in the upper 70s and right around that time. humid as well. the rain will be off and on throughout the day. as far as accumulation we are expecting it to add up to a third of an a inch by noon and even higher totals later on. it is going to be cool to watch. of course from our perspective in the bay area as the weather will be improving for us later in the morning. but around there it is a different story. let's check out live doppler 7hd. watching the clouds and watching the drizzle and up to the north the rain has been accumulating anywhere from half an inch to almost an inch in the last 24 hours. so this system is strong this time of year and it is producing the moisture which we need from the kgo roof camera.
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the winds have eased up except at travis air force base. 60s for oakland and san carlos and san jose. the half moon bay is 57 degrees. sfo is showing you the low ceilings. we had delays on on arrival -- on our arriving flights and we are expecting more of that going into tomorrow morning. call ahead. low 60s santa rosa and napa and novato. pretty mild. livermore 63 degrees. here is what your morning commute is going to look like, murky and slick due to the drizzle. watch out. low clouds and fog around. breezy and clearing in the afternoon and a big warm up begins on sunday. you are going to start to see the temperatures crank as we head toward early next week. here is the front. it is coming through right now. we are expecting the rain to the north and the drizzle will continue. one of the viewers tweeted me and said it would be gray all day in pacifica. he said, yeah, it feels like it is raining it is drizzling
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so hard. we will get measurable drizzle going into tomorrow morning. slow going commute at 5:00 a.m., but as we head into the afternoon, a lot brighter than it was today. a little bit of cloud cover hanging around the coast near the afternoon. temperatures mid50s to the mid60s tomorrow morning. but because it will be on the damp side if you have to walk to the bart station, keep that a in mind in the morning. tomorrow afternoon upper 70s for our warmest spots like fairfield and antioch. 68 in oakland and 64 in san francisco. 77 in santa rosa. 74 for you in san jose. 61 in half moon bay. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. we are looking at a drizzly morning tomorrow. but things will change up as we hit the weekend. sunnier, warmer, low to mid60s coast side this weekend. low to mid-nineties inland. close to a hundred inland on monday and hang on to the heat for tuesday and wednesday. this weekend gay pride festivities are going on. of course the weather is looking good for that stuff. >> good, thank you, sandhya.
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>> i am in for dan ashley and colin rush in for me and you had the opportunity to watch history made today. >> a nice job today. it was nice getting out to the ballpark and seeing history made. >> you would give up your paycheck for the day, right? this is a once lifetime opportunity. >> the last time a giants pitcher threw two no hitters larry was in high school, the early 1900's. tim lincecum gets it done more than a century later. sports i
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♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪
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♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away
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asked timlin -- sim -- tim lincecum if he could be a cy young pitcher again and he said that was the goal. i should have asked him if he would throw another no hitter? two hits and second one comes in the seventh. buster posey off the base of the wall. timmy scores for the second time and it is 4-0 giants. top of 9 and the last of the six strikeouts and then a groundout. will venible steps to the plate. >> it looks as though he has done it again. no hits, the san diego padres for the second time in two years. >> wow. matt cain and javier lopez with a gatorade and ice bath.
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he joined co fax and hole holliday and randy johnson with two cy young awards and two no hitters. >> to be honest i didn't feel my stuff was great. the more it was down the more movement it had. it didn't feel like a stuff day. it felt like a location day. still to come, we have your excuse to miss work tomorrow morning. josh red deck -- josh reddick he has no excuse. a's and mets highlights.
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bad loss one day and a big win the next. the shot at city field for no
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particular reason at all. brandon moss, say hello to the former giants prospect. heading toward the upper deck. 2-0 oakland. a pop up to right and josh reddick and welcome back. yeah, you caught it. don't quit your day job. moving to the fourth. coco crisp and look at this swing. 6th homer of the year. ice cream and a souvenir for this kid. 8-5 the final a day after getting blown out. formula f sia tomorrow. draw or beat germany and they are guaranteed to advance to the knockout stage of the world cup. >> we have been waiting for this game for a longtime. it is massive. there is no other word to say. it is deciding who is winning the group. it is deciding who moves on to
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the knockout stage. i think some people may be surprised about our results so far. we are not. we are by no means any underdog here. >> afraid of the boss finding out you are not really sick tomorrow morning? klinsman and the national team have your back. they tweeted this excuse note. don't make coach mad. it is your duty as an american to watch this game and not go to work. that's what it says. >> 9:00 a.m., espn. >> thank you, colin. >> we
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tonight. in for dan ashley, i'm larry beil. >> the news continues on line and facebook and all of your devices. our next newscast is 4:30. our next newscast is 4:30. >> next, whatcha' been doing braydon? reading let's see pictures, pictures,pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle
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you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪ the problem. two years ago the president issued orders on immigration and the environment after congress had deadlocked on the issues. one day before the anniversary of an historic supreme court decision gutting
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the defense of marriage act gay marriage advocates won two states. a federal judge threw out indiana's ban on gay marriage and recognition of out-of-state marriages. a federal appeals court upheld a decision striking down a ban in utah. both states, however, say they will appeal. think the san francisco pitcher tim lincecum pitcher is all washed up? don't tell the san diego padres. the 30-year-old pitched a no-hitter against san diego yesterday. as the giants beat the padres 4-0. >> his second no hitter in as many seasons. last year was also against pat drays. this one was easier. he needed 113 pitches. only allowed one base run. >> impressive. >> mm. good news for former top pitcher curt schilling. he tweets his cancer is in remission. announced earlier he was undergoing treatment. never said what kind of cancer it is. schilling is an analyst for espn. the last day of school is always cause for celebration, but students at an upstate new york
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school had a little something extra to cheer about. >> first grader, piper scotch, decided to let go of her long hair in a fairly dramatic fashion in front of the school. she completely shaved it off to support her friend who spent much of the year year undergoing treatment for leukemia. >> six students followed suit leaving their locks on the floor. raised $1,300. bald for bucks. charity dedicated for answer research. >> i love that. bald for bucks. always good to see kids who feel for their classmates and do something good like that. comes from the heart. it shows. >> yes. wonderful. all right, coming up in "the mix," a major mistake by the white house. >> ooh. plus, a 9-year-old hero on a mission to save shelter dogs. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" r ought to you by united health care. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. only about 80%
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